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AS400 TCP/IP . . .
Document describing configuration of TCP/IP on AS/400 (through V4R1). Also includes information on Windows NT Server DNS, DHCP and WINS servers.

Exit Point program for FTP and FTP Server Logon. Can be used to secure FTP Server, FTP Client, REXEC Server, TFTP Server, FTP Server Logon and REXEC Server Logon. All accept/reject options are set externally to the program.

Windows NT Server & AS400 . . .
Document that describes the basics of IBM MQSeries and how the product can be used for server-to-server applications with an AS/400 system and a Windows NT Server. If you are developing cross-platform Web applications using the AS/400 system and Windows NT Server, MQSeries should be one of the products you consider for your application infrastructure.

Example of Windows NT Server Internet Information Server (IIS) Active Server Page (ASP) to AS/400. Requires Client Access V3R1M3 (or V3R2M0 or Client Access Express), Windows NT Server 4.0, Microsoft Internet Information Server 3.0, 4.0 or 5.0.

Also includes a document describing the source code and configuration steps.

AS400 & eMail . . .
Send Spool File to eMail

Web server & development . . .
Command to edit, print, and backup the AS/400 HTTP server configuration file.

HTML for DDS Programmers
If you want to create usable and useful Web based forms to take the place of your DDS Display File applications, you will need to know how to work with HTML form elements. This document describes the commonly used HTML form elements you will use to create Web based data entry forms.

Develop PHP apps in 5 minutes over DB2 or MySQL files
New to PHP or to the System i? Not sure how to start coding database driven PHP applications that use HTML and CSS? Want to use RPG programmers and/or PHP developers? Need tight PHP and System i integration?

Web Design Services . . .
- HTML design and coding
- Graphic design
- 360° & video virtual tour
- Create publishe cd-rom
- Flash development
- Ecommerce, credit card...
- Availibility & reservation online
- Hosting your website
- Assign domain name
- Advertise to top 10 sites
- Submit to search engines


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